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Leather cover (xtra wide) for wide margin Bibles - Black
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These Black coloured covers are suitable for the wide margin Bibles we have sold prior to May 2013. They are also available in Tan. Bibles which are 50-55... More 

Leather cover for Oxford Wide Margin Bibles - Tan
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This cover is designed to take Bibles which are 185mm wide, 240mm long and 40mm deep. When opened flat the internal size of the cover is approximately 45cm... More 

Leather cover for smaller Oxford Bibles - Black
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The covers are Black and are also available in Tan.  All covers come with a zip and  the same pattern on the cover. The internal demensions of... More 

Bible, King James Version Large Print wide margin
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Publisher: Hendrickson Bibles Hard cover Second edition - April 2016 Page length 252mm (216) Page width 176mm (178) Outside margin 32mm (36)... More 

Bible, KJV "Oxford' wide margin - Highland Goatskin - 5wm (2017 Navy Blue)
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 Stock received 12 September 2017 Published in 2017 by RL Allan of London under license to the Oxford University Press. The printing plates... More