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September 2021
Note for Recording Brethren and Ecclesial Librarians
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In this newsletter:
*  Supplements to Sunday school lessons on the apostle Paul
* Other books on the life of Paul
* Books on Acts which include large sections on Paul
* Books on Paul's epistles

Bound volumes of the Lampstand magazine 50% off - limited supplies
* Three books reprinted
We have chosen for our major theme for this newsletter the life and writing of the apostle Paul who at the end of his life and under house arrest was still preaching with all confidence. The choice of Paul  was  influenced by the new Sunday school year and the start of their lessons on Paul. A wide range of books on the apostle forms part of the Truth's literature. There are some little know items which are real gems. Many would make ideal Sunday school prizes.
Supplements to Sunday school lessons on the apostle Paul

A novel based on the live of Paul specially written for 11 -15 year olds. (more)
A well loved narrative of Paul's life written over 70 years ago,  presented in a modern format with a hard cover and dust jacket (more)

and two very helpful Bible inserts ....
Other books on the Life of Paul

The following  three books are in depth studies of Paul's life and work. They are suitable for older teens and adults.
This study of Paul and his friends focuses on a man uniquely fitted for the task and on those who joined with him in his great and enduring enterprise. (more)
After an introduction on the Roman domination of Palestine and the various political and religious groups at the time, the book follows Acts from chapter 8 (Stephen's trial) to the end of chapter 28. This book is not so well known but is worth careful study. (more)
Luke's stirring narrative of the eventful sea-Voyage of the Apostle Paul from Caesarea to Rome, contained in chapters 25 to 28 of the Acts of the Apostles, is brought vividly to life in this book. Through insights into key issues such as the shipping and commerce of the ancient world, the weather conditions and topography of the Mediterranean, the scripture narrative comes alive. (more)

Books on Acts which include large sections on Paul

This commentary is designed to really open up Luke's writing in Acts but at the same time be a readable narrative for brethren and sisters. (more)
In reviewing this book, bro. Stephen Whitehouse wrote - "Beginning at Jerusalem will be a very good resource, both for Bible beginners and more advanced students, given the structure and layout of the book, and the author’s comprehensive approach and style. In short I very much enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others."(more)
Of the six speeches considered in this book two are by Paul -  his speech in the Synagogue at Antioch of Pisidia (Acts 13) and his defence (Acts 24). (more)
The Time to series of novels
Two of the five novels in this series are set against the back ground of the life of Paul. (Watch our forthcoming newsletters for information about book six in the series A Time to Serve.)
Read an overview of The Time to series of Bible based novels.
The Fifteen Epistles of Paul
The Bible contains fifteen of the epistles written by Paul. We have commentaries, written by Christadelphians, on each one. Space in this newsletter prohibits including them all but you can look them up on our web site ( Just add the key word from the title of the epistle into the search bar.
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Supplies of these books is limited.  The books we have available are from volume 1 (1995) - volume 24 (2018), except volumes 3 - 5 and 11. Bound volumes for 2019 and 2020 have not been produced. 
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Three Books Reprinted
We have just received from our printer two well loved books which have been reset and reprinted. Both these books have already served several generations of the brotherhood. Click on the images to see further information.

We have also received from The Christadelphian  copies of Christendom Astray which has been reset and reprinted. Readers will be pleased with the significant improvement in the new layout and type face which make it very readable.

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