Messiah production - Adelaide Australia June 2017

Highlights from







The Life and Work of the Coming King



Adelaide Ecclesial Hall

June 2nd & 3rd 2017


A Formal Occasion of Praise and Thanksgiving


ACBM Fundraiser

The ACBM of SA wishes to thank you for your attendance tonight!


Funds from these musical evenings will be used in supporting the extension of the Gospel and pastoral care of brothers and sisters in the South Australian regions throughout Asia and the Pacific


The needs of each region are quite diverse. We have Brethren and Sisters, some living in ‘spiritual isolation’ in difficult to reach places and others living in modern cities among a highly educated population.


One of the most important aspects of this work is amongst our young people. This is not just in the work of Sunday School where a good foundation of Godly understanding is being laid but with those who are making the transition to adult life. There are many pressures in every society competing with the developing mind of the Spirit. We need to provide the encouragement of the Scriptures and the fellowship of the Gospel with a vision of a better world to come under the efficient and caring hand of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Your ticket sales and donations this evening will help to provide the funds to make this very important work possible, to preach the Gospel and to strengthen and encourage our brothers and sisters.






Conductor’s Introduction

Highlights from ‘Messiah’ Part 1

Interval (10 minutes)

Highlights from ‘Messiah’ Part 2

Hymn 296 (audience)


Closing comments



Please set mobile phones to silent – thankyou


The Story of ‘Messiah’ Highlights



Old Testament Prophecies of Messiah


Comfort Ye My People

Every Valley                                                            Isa 40v4

And The Glory Of The Lord                                     Isa 40v5

And He Shall Purify                                                Mal 3v3

Behold A Virgin Shall Conceive                               Isa 7v14

O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings                           Isa 60v1

For Unto Us A Child Is Born                                    Isa 9v6


The Birth of Messiah

There Were Shepherds                                           Lk 2v8

And Lo! The Angel Of The Lord                               Lk 2v9

And The Angel Said Unto Them                              Lk 2v10-11

And Suddenly                                                        Lk 2v13

Glory To God                                                         Lk 2v14


The Ministry of Messiah

Then Shall The Eyes Of The Blind                           Isa 35v5-6

He Shall Feed His Flock                                          Isa 40v11

The Sacrifice of Messiah

Surely He Hath Born Our Grief’s                            Isa 53v4

All We Like Sheep                                                 Isa 53v6

All They That See Him                                           Psa 22v7

He Trusted In God                                                 Psa 22v8

Thy Rebuke Hath Broken His Heart                        Psa 69v20

He Was Cut Off                                                     Isa 53v8

The Resurrection of Messiah

But Thou Didst Not Leave                                       Acts 2v31

Lift Up Your Heads                                                 Psa 24v7-10 

The Ascension of Messiah

Unto Which Of The Angels                                      Heb 1v5

Let All The Angels of God                                       Heb 1v6 

Preaching The Gospel of Messiah

The Lord Gave The Word                                        Psa 68v11

Their Sound Is Gone Out                                        Rom 10v18 

The Second Coming of Messiah

He That Dwelleth In Heaven                                   Psa 2v4

Thou Shalt Break Them                                          Psa 2v9

Halleluyah!                                                            Rev 11v1, 19v6,16



The Hope Of The Resurrection

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth                          Job 19v25-26,

                                                                               I Cor 15v10

Since By Man Came Death                                     I Cor 15v21-22

Behold, I Tell You A Mystery                                  I Cor 15v51-52

The Trumpet Shall Sound                                       I Cor 15v52

Then Shall Be Brought To Pass                                I Cor 15v54

O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?                                  I Cor 15v55-56

But Thanks Be To God                                            I Cor 15v57 

Saints Praise God and Messiah In The Kingdom

Worthy Is The Lamb                                               Rev 5v12-13

Amen                                                                      Rev 5v13






Judy Bailye

Carrie Baker

Anna Beale

Tiffany Creek

Andrea Crispin

Lucy Derecki

Elaine Frankam

Vanessa Ginn

Alison Gore

Michelle Hornhardt

Tirzah Islip

Sue Jolly

Phoebe Luke

Abbie Mansfield

Leah McGeorge

Hannah Nayathottil

Lydia Nelson

Loren O’Connor

Rebecca O’Connor

Felicity Oliver

Kirsty Palmer

Virginia Parry

Abigail Pearson

Cornelia Peters

Zoe Pitcher

Ruth Pitt

Beck Pryde

Emily Pryde

Kathryn Ramm

Rhonda Saxon

Monique Wilton

Jess Wright



David Baker

David Burney

Ian Dangerfield

Levi Gilfillan

Andrew Gore

Joshua Gore

Andrew Hollamby

Greg Horwood

Mervyn Islip

Sam Mansfield

Greg Paterson

Jonathan Pearson

Gary Penn

Greg Pullman

Neville Rice

Joshua Robinson

Matthew Tuckson

Andrew Weller

Matthew Wigzell

Shaun Wild

Clive Wilson



Alex Burney

Bob DeVries

Maranatha Gilfillan

Stephen Gilfillan

Tim Hornhardt

Brian Luke

Jonathan Penn

Sebastian Pitcher

John Pitt

Aidan Van Rooyen

Angus Weller

Thomas Wright



Kate Atkins

Katelyn Atkins

Sarah Burney

Caitlin Clark

Tiffany Creek

Ruth Crompton

Courtney DeVries

Sarah Edgecombe

Jen Galbraith

Rinnah Gilfillan

Danielle Grainger

Sally Hill

Tamar Horwood

Vanessa Johnson

Julia Knowles

Rachelle Lund

Debbie Mansfield

Jordana Mansfield

Melanie Mansfield

Louise McGeorge

Julianne Pitcher

Naomi Pitcher

Hayley Pryde

Jess Pryde

Laura Richards

Carolyn Robinson

Jane Robinson

Lyn Spiers

Debra Steele

Andrea Van Rooyen

Steph Weller

Mary Wilson

Sarah Wisniewski




Violin 1 & 2

Louise Atkins

Emily Baker

Ashlyn Cooper

Amanda Healy

Leah Kitto

Eleah Linke

Samuel Lund

William Mansfield

Leah Martin

Rosy Ostermann

Caitlin Peronace

Priscilla Pitcher


Ben Gore

Phil Gore






Cora Edgecombe

Jacinta Farren

Rosey Gore

Sarah Horwood

Jen Jeffress

Debbie Nicholls

Double Bass

Geoff Lines

Flute 1 & 2

Ellie Gore

Fiona Johnson

Bella Hall

Rosemary Mansfield

Shannon Wild

Clarinet 1 & 2

Sherrie Hollamby

Rachel Penn

French Horn

Naomi Penn

Timothy Penn

Trumpet 1 & 2

Jonathan Penn

Micah Linke


Natasha Hollamby


Naomi Pitcher


Sarah Horwood

Miriam Wilton

Pipe Organ

Michele Van Rooyen




Leah McGeorge

Felicity Oliver

Naomi Penn

Cornelia Peters


Carrie Baker

Michelle Hornhardt

Laura Richards

Andrea Van Rooyen


Alex Burney

Jonathan Penn

Sebastian Pitcher

Graham Yuile


Tim Hornhardt

Timothy Penn



Peter Pullman

Thanks Also To:

Music scores: International Music Score Library Project

Orchestra rehearsals: Kirsty Palmer (conductor), Michele Van Rooyen (pianist)

Soloist tuition: Cornelia Peters

Choral training audio files: Choralia

Page turning/organ stops Gemma McGeorge, Keturah O’Connor

Percussion                       instruments: Heritage College

Piano tuning: Andrew Howard

Organ audio system: Greg Pullman

Rehearsal venue: Hyde Park and Adelaide Ecclesia

Concert venue: Adelaide Ecclesia

Platform extensions: Enfield and Happy Valley Ecclesia, Benchmark Interior Joinery, Sam Ryan

Slide creation: Pip Mansfield

Slide operation: Ben Deadman

Sound and video recording: Digiflix

Printing: Stallard & Potter, Heritage College


Our Heavenly Father for His blessing on this project to His glory!



Music Sources

Messiah’ by George Frederick Handel

Choral music: published Novello (1902), edited E. Prout

Orchestral music: published Novello (1901), edited E. Prout


Hymn 296 from the 2002 Christadelphian Hymnbook