Milestones 2016 - Chapter one

Chapter 1:


We all need encouragement as we face the trials and tribulations of life. Our world is so alien to the things of God, that the things of the Kingdom seem a distant dream, when, in God’s Mercy, we will be working for the Lord Jesus in bringing about the transformation God has promised. Our desire is to serve the Lord Jesus in his Kingdom, but the present reality is so different.

The word of Prophecy

One of the ways we are greatly encouraged is through the word of prophecy. When John was instructed to write down these words Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb, his reaction was to fall down before the one speaking to him!

And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Rev. 19:9,10

The Greek word for testimony, maturia, means “evidence given” (Strong’s), normally translated witness, evidence, or as here, testimony. When the apostles preached, they could perform many signs as witness to their teaching. In the following ages, when the Holy Spirit gifts would be withdrawn, then the great witness to the work of Christ lay in his words in this last book. Containing an unfolding of historical events in relation to the saints, it would give much hope to each generation as they saw where they were in God’s Scheme. And through the wonderful construction of the Book of Revelation, with its frequent end-time snapshots, it gave believers the hope that their Master’s return was not far off. For all God’s servants, the return of their lord will appear to be at the same time as their falling asleep. Their next conscious moment will be the resurrection day.

Our generation has a double dose of signs fulfilling. The coming of the Lord Jesus is to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. For this he requires his helpers, hence the first stage is the judgment for his household. Next, he has to rescue his nation from the hands of their enemies who have come and taken over their land and city. Having achieved their rescue—and conversion—the work turns to bringing scattered Israel home and at the same time bringing the world under his jurisdiction.

Now the Old Testament prophets recorded many prophecies, most of which spanned their times, but parts reached out to the future restoration of God’s nation. Living in the time when the Times of the Gentiles is about to end with Rise of Zion again, our generation has the benefit of both Old and New Testament prophecies reaching their fulfilments.

In an age of great ungodliness, we have this more sure word of prophecy to encourage us and to bear witness to the incredible foreknowledge of our God, who caused the prophets of old to record His Words which describe so accurately matters which are unfolding before our eyes.

Our contemplation of the political world serves to strengthen our faith. If our God can so accurately speak of the things happening today, then how can we doubt that He will indeed send His Son at the appointed time. His Name will be indeed be glorified to the ends of the earth. As Bro John Thomas put it:

These are wise in the wisdom of God, and venerate His word above all things. Though not His counsellors, He has graciously condescended to inform them what He intends to do before it comes to pass. Hence, it is testified by the prophet, that the Lord God will surely do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets. (Amo. 3:7). This revelation is made that His people’s faith may be confirmed and enlarged; and that in every generation they may know the times and seasons to which they stand related. Knowing the signs they are enabled to discern the times; and while consternation and dismay cause men's hearts to fail, they are courageous, and rejoice in perceiving the approach of the kingdom of God. This is the proper use of the prophetic word.

From these premises we may conclude, that as the Lord has also revealed what is to come to pass in these latter days, it is both our duty and privilege to make ourselves acquainted with it, that our faith may grow and be strengthened; our affections be detached from the fleeting present, and set more firmly on things to come; that our minds may be fortified against error; and that we may be prepared to meet the Lord as those who have kept their garments, and shall not be put to shame (Rev. 16:15). It is our own faults if we are not light in the Lord. He has plainly set before us what is happening in our day, and what is yet to occur. Elpis Israel p.333/4

If we had any doubts about scripture fulfilling, then surely this year has been an historical year!

With Britain packing her bags, as it were, Europe feels free to pursue her dream to become an equivalent of the USA, a United States of Europe. Germany is the natural leader. Again, it will enable the Beast system of Revelation 16 to develop. Based upon previous manifestations of the Beast it is to be led by Germany.

Running in parallel, as far as the nation of Israel is concerned, is the final development of Nebuchadnezzar’s Image. Many centuries have gone by since the two-leg phase, but now with Israel a nation back in the land, this edifice, representing the Kingdoms of Men in Opposition to God’s Kingdom and People, is beginning to enter its last final phase. It has had to wait until there is a nation of Israel in possession of Jerusalem. That now being the situation, the Eastern and Western feet and toes are being formed before our eyes, ready for the whole edifice to be reared up upon this precarious base of iron and clay. It will be short-live, because it comes to destroy Israel and although allowed by God to succeed because it leads Israel to repentance, it is destined to be utterly destroyed. It will be replaced by the little-stone Kingdom, that will gradually grow until it fills the whole earth.

We watch with interest at the regrouping of Europe and Russia and her former satellites into two groupings, East and West. Although divided by ideology (as they were in the days of the Roman Empire), yet they will be united under the golden headship of the latter-day Babylon. Ancient Babylon desired to replace the things of Israel’s God by the false worship of Babylon. Despite Babylon’s superior might and its success in crushing Judah, yet, as Nebuchadnezzar was brought to realise, the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, (Dan.4:25); similarly, the nations will come to learn that Israel’s God is supreme. We are seeing the forming of this golden head which will lead the Image against Israel.


We see the growing hostility to Israel and the desire of many nations to remove Israel’s control over Jerusalem. In today’s situation, we can see how the Image nations will unite to seize that burdensome stone (Zec. 12:3) of Jerusalem, only to be cut in pieces by the stone’s Defender and King.