Milestones to the Kingdom 2017 - preface



President Obama in the last days of his office arranged, in the company of the United Nations Security Council, a motion that wreaked of bitter opposition to Israel. It was in a sense a standard motion that passes through the Security Council each twelve months and has done so for many years. Usually it falls lifeless to the floor of this august assembly because the U.S., a permanent member of the committee, and therefore with the power of veto, used its vote to cancel it! However, in December 2017, a strongly worded motion was proposed by New Zealand at the instigation and encouragement of the president of the United States. This time the U.S. delegate abstained and the motion went through 14-0, to the stunned grief of the Israeli Government. Their most trusted friend had turned its back on Israel and joined ranks with her enemies.


Senior U.S. correspondent, Charles Krauthammer, expressed the seriousness of the U.N. vote in these words: “So the Jewish State has no claim on the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, indeed the entire Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. They belong to Palestine. The Temple Mount is the most sacred site in all of Judaism. That it should be declared foreign to the Jewish people is as if the Security Council declared Mecca and Medina to be territory to which Islam has no claim.”


In just  twelve months the new President of the United States, Mr Donald Trump, announced in a formal declaration that the United States accepts Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that the United States intends to build its new U.S. Embassy in the city of Jerusalem.


So in twelve months the position of Israel’s principal supporter has changed 180°. We do recall that in the build up to America’s last election Mr Trump repeated a promise that he, as President, would recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Now we see that he has given weight to his pledge, infuriating Palestinian and Arab neighbours and attracting criticism from Europe to Indonesia. However the reaction to such a dramatic piece of news was not as intense or prolonged as might have been expected. There has not been one nation that has moved forces against Israel because of the Jerusalem decision. Forty years ago the King of Saudi Arabia declared that his greatest wish in life was to worship in Jerusalem in an Islamic mosque (read,  . . .  when Israel no longer existed).


We awake in 2018 to find that Saudi Arabia and Egypt and other moderate Arab States are in sworn allegiance with Israel. The whispers and secret meetings are all a thing of the past: in fact those princes and other members of the royal family who would criticise the plans of the new Saudi King (Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman) have been “jailed” in one of Riyadh’s exclusive hotels and told that only when they confess their sins (cheating the taxation department) will they be released! Prince bin Salman no longer demands Israel accept a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital! That’s the old plan and it’s a dead letter. The Gaza Strip (where Philistines once belonged) with large strips of the Negev or northern Sinai territory (and Egypt is in accord with this) are proposed as the new border of the State of Palestine! The past 30–40 years have witnessed nil progress in the Middle East. Mr Trump’s son-in-law has been working intensely with the Saudi Prince bin Salman to recreate the Middle East situation, not at the beck and call of terrorists and Palestinians financed by Iran and other anti-Israel States, but to build a new set of relationships, with Arabs and Israelis working for prosperity and peace.


The guidelines were always there, since the Spirit through Ezekiel revealed the lay of the land at the coming of the Lord. How remarkable!


Persia also was denoted as with Gog in Ezekiel and it has been truly amazing, perhaps exciting! to see this ancient power in the thick of events. Her Shi-ite brand of Islam has broken the alliance of Arabs and Muslims so that now all the remaining trouble-makers – Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, are seeking to build an alliance of bitter hatred above and around Israel. Russia is friends with every one of these! The rest of the Middle East States are in fear of Iran’s encirclement and these are the factors that account for the phenomenal advancement in the fulfilment of the Word of prophecy. North and south there is a groundswell of activity.


And with the shift in the status of the Holy City of Jerusalem there is already a growing thirst in Israel for sovereignty over all Judah and Samaria!


We are in significant days indeed. Every shoulder to the wheel! Our Lord Jesus must soon be here!


We are grateful to brother Don and his band of faithful workers for putting 2017, a truly significant year, into the framework of the prophets.


Brian Luke


January 2018

Matthew 13:16-17

“But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men

have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them;

and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.”