Overview of the "Time to......." series of Bible-based novels

A Series of Bible-based novels written for adults by S.J. Knight


A Time to Hear  (Book 1)

In the tiny lakeside community of Banayim, Galilee, the villagers long for the promised Messiah to save them from poverty and Roman rule. Meanwhile their work, quarrels, and gossip go on as usual. Young Dan, the motherless son of Shepherd Ammiel, is confused. Who is the Messiah? When will he come? And what does it all mean? However more immediate more worries crowd his mind. Will his father remarry? What about Aunt Etta and her lazy brother-in-law, Bukki? 

Suddenly Dan's narrow world expands as he meets his father's first love, the gentle Anna of Cana, her scornful Greek brother, Loukanos, and irrepressible young cousin, Johanan, and the enigmatic Blind Mordecai. 

When startling news comes of a bold prophet preaching in the wilderness of Judea, the family are determined to discover whether this is indeed their Messiah. They set out on a journey - a journey which will change everything. Each of them will hear more, learn more and lose more than they could ever have expected.

All of them will find more than they ever could have imagined.


A Time to See (Book 2)

The Nazarene is working miracles, so where is the promised Kingdom?  Life goes on as usual. But impatient Dan is no longer a child, and his growing confusion is shared by many.

“I don't know where Loukanos is. I don't know if he's even alive. I don't know how the Messiah will bring deliverance ... I don't know enough about anything that matters.” 

Blind Mordecai has his own ideas, but the full story of the vanished Loukanos, intriguingly woven in and out of the narrative, will amaze them all.  Meanwhile the village has its own dramas to deal with. Anna and Etta must hide an alarming secret from the local gossip, while Dan and his friends race against time in a desperate search for  Loukanos and the Nazarene Teacher – and a madman.

The traumatic events  lead  to astonishing outcomes, and the family's faith in Nazarene Jeshua has never been so confident.  They travel to Jerusalem for a joyful Passover, only to be unwittingly caught up in a whirlwind of shocking events.

Bitter grief struggles with stubborn faith.  Until a man appears in their midst. A man who has been dead, and is now alive. Everyone struggles to comprehend the enormity, nobody can anticipate the consequences.  One thing they know, nothing will ever be the same again.


A Time To Speak (Book 3)

 Once it had been so simple. The flock, the family, the faith. But now Dan is a young man, and everything is complicated. Messiah has come, and gone, leaving them to continue the work begun … and life keeps getting in the way.

The Nazarene community is thriving against the odds, but communal living brings many challenges, and painful private emotions are rife.  Irresolvable heartache looms as Anna faces an impossible choice, while Dan and Johanan's friendship is tested over Rhoda, but when fiery Rabbi Shaul has disciple Stefanos executed for blasphemy, all else is swept aside.

Escalating persecution scatters the household, with wide-ranging and unforseen consequences.  From Jerusalem to Jericho and up to Galilee and far beyond, old loyalties are strained, relationships rediscovered,  made or broken. Outwitting Rabbi Shaul is a matter of survival, but spite and betrayal threaten Dan, his family, and his village.

In the midst of  manifold perplexities – even tragedy and chaos –  however,  there is space for defiant celebration, absurdity and laughter – and  love is found in the most unexpected places.


A Time To Act  (Book 4)Fictional early life of Paul the Apostle.

There are many books about this great man, but this is something fresh and different, a back story creating warm empathy with a complex man who is both anguished and admirable, flawed and likeable. Far more than a mere ‘character’, the passionate Saul Benjamin of Tarsus steps out of the New Testament pages, in a story of ambition, failure and redemption.

Various individuals from A Time To Speak reappear in this book, which gives insight into what might have been behind the more unusual quirks of his strong personality, which shaped his outlook to life and the gospel.Culturally relevant, and faithful to the New Testament record, it takes the reader on a revealing journey of love and laughter, fear and failure, tears and excitement.


A Time to Strive (Book 5)Continuing the narrative of many key characters in the series, this book bridges a gap in the Acts record. Depicting private struggles of the early believers, it explores how these may have shaped attitudes and relationships in the ‘silent’ period leading up to Paul’s second journey.   

The 'glory days' of the original unity and excitement were being overtaken by ecclesial and personal strife – when maintaining one's own faith and zeal was harder, yet more important, than ever. 

Paul and Barnabas are back in Antioch, with everyone rejoicing over their successful missionary journey, but already trouble looms ahead. With Judaisers threatening to fracture the brotherhood, a conference is called to restore unity, and deal with the believers’ confusion.

Confusion in the private lives of individuals, however, is not so easy to resolve. Paul finds to his dismay that some inner battles must be re-fought, Loukanos is losing his zest, and in Banayim the past unexpectedly throws a long shadow over present happiness. Young and old wrestle with unruly private emotions – dreams, despair, dark secrets, unhappy revelations and sorrow, sorely test their faith. Yet threaded among their trials is hope and joy, laughter and love, and the assurance that they are not alone. In this there are many relevant echoes for us today