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13. Signs of the Times Study Guide

Author: Michael Lewis. Soft Cover 162 pages. Published by the Christadelphian in 2020.   The wonderful hope of the Bible is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to establish the kingdom of God on earth. The Bible gives us indicators that God's purpose is moving...[more]


14. Simply Revelation - A chapter by chapter guide

Author Greg Palmer. Soft cover. 194 landscape pages. Published by The Christadelphian November 2023.   Why another book on Revelation? Since the earliest days of the Christadelphian community , authors have written much on how to interpret Revelation and the wealth...[more]


15. Song of Solomon Study Guide

Author: Stanley Owen, paper back, 76 pages


16. Stand in Wonder - workbook

183 pages, spiral bound.  This workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with he Stand in Wonder notes It is a guide full of questions intended to lead you through your study. The authors recommend you try to complete each chapter in the workbook before reading the...[more]


17. Tabernacle Study Guide 2022

Author: Michael Ashton, paper back, 71 pages. Published by The Christadelphian (CMPA) in 1989. Reset and reprinted 2022   This study guide is set out in a way which is now familiar to those who have one of the study guides published by The...[more]


18. The 66 Books of the Bible

Author: Norman Owen, paper back, 104 pages. First published by The Christadelphian (CMPA) in 1997 this 2019 edition is the sixth printing.  This study guide is part of a series of 8 study guides published by the CMPA. It introduces each of the sixty six books in the...[more]


19. The Harmony of the Gospels

Printed  on A4 paper in landscape format and spiral bound. 357 pages. Published in 2016 by Heritage College Sydney as a fund raiser for the college. "The book is based on work of bro. H.P. Mansfield in 1971 and his 1983 book "Guidebook to the New Testament". The...[more]