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1. 1st Principles Bible Marking Course

Authors: Jim Luke & Peter Weller, paperback - spiral bound, 106 pages. Published by the Christadelphian Scripture Study Service (CSSS). Notes for Bible marking basic doctrines with illustrated examples in colour to guide those new to Bible study and...[more]


2. Choosing to Love

Author: Olive Dawes. Paper back, 236 pages. Published by the Australian Christadelphian Committee (AACE) in 1996. A marriage guide for engaged and young married couples. Part 1: Setting a basis (commitment, priorities, human relationships, stages of...[more]


3. Daniel Study Guide

Author: M. Lewis, paper back, 70 pages. Published in 2008 by The Christadelphian (CMPA). This study guide should be helpful to those who are "young in the faith" who often have very little background knowledge of the scriptures, and to those of all ages and...[more]


4. For Better, For Worse - Biblical Relationships & Modern Marriage - Workbook and Discussion Guide

Author: Mark Vincent 142 pages soft cover spiral bound. Published by the Christadelphian 2020.   Designed to help readers explore and discuss marriage in both a modern and Biblical context, this Workbook and Discussion Guide can be used by individuals, couples...[more]


5. Hebrews Study Guide

Author: John Morris. 105 pages, soft cover. Published by The Christadelphian 2020. The writer of Hebrews (Paul) does not spare his readers: he digs deep and we must be prepared to delve deeply ourselves. This study guide is a little longer than some, as there is...[more]


6. James Study Guide

Author Michael Lewis. 55 pages soft cover. First published August 2013. "No one can read the letter of James without being touched byit. Its message is riveting. He works though issues in our lives that we are aware of, but sometimes prefer to avoid". From the authors...[more]


7. Job Study Guide

Author: John Roberts, published by the Christadelphian (CMPA) in 2014. 118 pages, soft cover. There are two things that this book is not! It is not a commentary on the book of Job. It does not set out to deal with every verse of the Scripture record, nor to offer...[more]


8. Micah Study Guide

Author: Reg Carr, 72 pages, paper back. Published by The Christadelphian (CMPA) in 2010. Micah prophesied at a critical point in Jewish history - when the northern power of Assyria threatened to remove God's appointed rulers from Jerusalem. He called on the people to...[more]


9. Minor Prophets Study Guide

Author: compilation. 118 pages, soft cover. Published by The Christadelphian in 2016. Like other study guides published by The Christadelphian it is designed to help all those for whom Bible Study is new or difficult, and should be especially helpful to anyone with little...[more]


10. Philippians Study Guide

Author: Michael Owen, paper back, 50 pages. Published by The Christadelphian (CMPA) in 1988 in time for the 1989 Australian Christadelphian Youth Conference in Queensland. This study guide is designed to help those who find the epistle and existing commentaries...[more]


11. Proverbs Vol. 3 - chapters 22:17 - 31:31

Author: Aleck Crawford. Hard back, 327 pages. Published by the Christadelphian Scripture Study Service (CSSS) in 1993 and reprinted in 2003. This third volume of Proverbs has a subject indes, 17 illustrations, 21 digressions and two appendices: ...[more]


12. Revelation Study Guide

Author: Michael Ashton, paper back, 94 pages. Published by The Christadelphian (CMPA) in 2007 and reprinted in 2012. This study guide is set out in the same way as other study guides published by the CMPA. The aim of the guide is to open up the message of...[more]