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Undesigned Scriptural Coincidences
$30.00   $14.00 $15.40 incl. GST
$14.00 excl. GST

Author: J.J.Blunt, hard back. 390 pages. This book was first published in 1847, this is nineteenth edition published by The Christadelphian (CMPA) in 1983.... More 

Constantine's Sword - the Church and the Jews

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$26.00 $28.60 incl. GST
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Author: James Carroll, paperback, 756 pages. This book maps the 2000 year history of the Church’s battle against Judaism. It is more than a... More 

Russia and the Russians
$25.00 $27.50 incl. GST
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Author: Geoffrey Hosking, paper back, 768 pages In a sweeping narrative this book follows the country’s history from the first emergence of the... More 

When Jesus Became God
$27.00 $29.70 incl. GST
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Author: Richard Reubenstein, paper back, 267 pages, published by Harcourt Inc. The struggle to define Christianity during the Last Days of... More 

In the Beginning
$20.00   $16.00 $17.60 incl. GST
$16.00 excl. GST

Author: Alister McGrath, 338 pages, paper back. The story of the King James Bible (KJV) and how it changed a nation, a language and a culture. More 

Napoleon: Revolution to Empire
$35.00   $30.00 $33.00 incl. GST
$30.00 excl. GST

Authors: Ted Gott and Karine Huguenaud. 336 pages, format 270mm x 224mm portrait, paperback. Fully illustrated in colour. Published by the National Gallery... More 

God's Undertaker - has science buried God?
$18.00 $19.80 incl. GST
$18.00 excl. GST

Author: John C. Lennox, 192 pages , soft cover. Published in 2009 by Lion Hudson plc. The relationship between science and Christian beliefs is... More 

Jean Galbraith - Writer in a Valley
$30.00   $24.00 $26.40 incl. GST
$24.00 excl. GST

Author: Meredith Fletcher, 324 pages, softcover. Published by Monash University Publishing. The author a historian is an adjunct research fellow at Monash... More 

The Case of the Pope
$20.00   $5.00 $5.50 incl. GST
$5.00 excl. GST

Author: Geoffrey Robertson QC, paperback  176 pages plus 53 pages of appendices, Bibliography and Notes. Published by Penguin Books in 2010. Does... More 

The Servant Queen and the King she serves
$10.00 $11.00 incl. GST
$10.00 excl. GST

Authors: Mark Greene and Catherine Butcher. 64 pages soft cover. Published by the Bible Society April 2016. This beautifully presented illustrated ... More 

Satellite Bible Atlas
$64.00   $55.00 $60.50 incl. GST
$55.00 excl. GST

Author and Publisher: Bill Schlegel.  Hard cover 150 pages, dimensions 21.6 x 30.5 cm . This is the second edition... More 

The New Tsar - The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin
$20.00   $16.00 $17.60 incl. GST
$16.00 excl. GST

Author: Stephen Lee Myers. 572 pages, soft cover. Published in 2015 by Simon & Schuster. In this epic tale, the author charts Vladimir Putin's path... More 

A Peace to end all Peace
$36.00   $28.00 $30.80 incl. GST
$28.00 excl. GST

Author: David Fromkin. Soft cover 641 pages. First published in 1989. This edition was published by Holt Paperbacks in 2009.   The author reveals... More 

Evolution's Achilles' Heels
$29.00 $31.90 incl. GST
$29.00 excl. GST

Compilation edited by Robert Carter Ph.D. 270 pages soft cover. Published by Creation Book Publishers.   Many people believe the universe and all... More 

The Two Babylons
$18.00 $19.80 incl. GST
$18.00 excl. GST

Author Alexander Hislop. 135 pages soft cover. First published in 1857, this is a facsmile of the seveneth edition (1871) which is complete and... More